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Magix / Grisson / TRG Vinyl DyeDye Plastic Paint Aerosol 150ml

New Magix / Grisson / TRG Vinyl DyeDye Plastic Paint Aerosol 150ml

Special Note: Please Read

Magix, Grisson & TRG Brands are all from the same company. THEY ARE EXACTLY THE SAME and DO THE SAME THING. Over time they have moved their branding around in that order.

Given the very low stocks of the TRG branded (newest) Vinyl Dye sprays, we've found some of our older stock to assist those that need the same colours as TRG to continue thier product.

We have tested a few of these cans, and they perform the same. However I would suggest you also spot test just as usual. If for some reason you have any problems, just let me know.

These are exactly the same as the TRG, just older cans. 

If you are just starting a project, then please try to find the colour you need in the Brillo Brand first (click here), as there is plenty of stock and you'll be able to continue your project no problems.

PLEASE give your mobile number during checkout, so we can contact you incase we are out of stock etc.

Vinyl Dye can renew or change the colour of leather, vinyl,  plastic, rubber and many more material.

In a simple to use aerosol can, you can simply spray onto your item.

Like all our Vinyl Dyes, it is a true dye, not a paint. It seeps into the material and physically bonds with it, changing or renewing the colour. It will not rub off, it will not scratch off and because it binds with the material it repels water, soil and stains.

Where To Use

 It has been used on car dashboards to completely change the interior, on motorbike fairings, stereo systems, games consoles, leather and faux leather sofas, seats, handbags and shoes. Even material shoes and wedding shoes are a popular item to change, and wellies at Halloween! And of course, vinyl items! See Where To Use Vinyl Dye for more inspiration. 

See our Project Gallery, where customers have posted images of their projects.

How To Use

Usually a simple 2 step process is required; fully clean and remove any grease from the item, then apply several very fine coats of spray to fully colour the area.

Don't forget, whenever using a new product, or a product you're familiar with on a new surface, you should spot test first in an inconspicuous area, and ensure you are fully satisfied with the finish prior to undergoing the entire project.

For the best advise on how to use our Vinyl Dye sprays see a very comprehensive guid here; How To Use Vinyl Dye Sprays.

How to Get It

For UK and European Customers, simply click the 'Add to Cart' Button, and visit your shopping basket or checkout directly using the links near the top of the page.

For other customers, please request an estimated shipping cost using our Contact Us page.

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