How to Paint Plastic - AV System

How To Paint Plastic - Living Rome AV System Plastic Paint with Vinyl Dye

If you’ve got a TV, surround sound, network router, PS3, speakers and everything else that makes a modern living room, chances are they are each their own colour; greys, blacks and beiges that look like they are from computers of the 1980’s. Lets take a look at what can be done with Vinyl Dye from

The best advice to anyone planning on dying plastic with Vinyl Dye from is to take it slow, with a few very thin coats rather than a single thick coat.

Here are pictures of before (silver), and then a single coat.

Before and after (yes the black speaker really was silver plastic to begin with!)

The products from are all available in an aerosol spray that is quick and simple to apply.

Here is the much larger centre speaker; it is hard to believe that this was originally silver given the quality of the finish.

The Amp and Sub, ready for a fresh new look, with some areas masked off with blue tape.

After Vinyl Dying.

NOTE: The Vinyl Dye used here was known to have a satin like finish. does stock Matt Black Vinyl Dye that will not leave a shiny finish.

Here is the finished setup, aesthetic perfection...

I’d like to thank Stuart Jones for his time and pictures that have made this article possible. For his efforts he received a 10% off voucher code for Thanks Stu.