1. The spray saved money as Mercedes parts are ridiculous
2. It worked really well better than the sponge on dye I previously tried.
3. It was a great success looks as close a match as can be
4. I would defiantly recommend to everyone.
5. I used it on 2003 SL500 centre door cards and side door pocket lids.

The best thing is that when the rain water runs over the surface it does not mark unlike others I tried.

Steven, Birmingham, used TRG Light Grey Vinyl Dye Plastic Paint Aerosol 150ml

i) bought to refurbish a 6 year old 7/8 seater L shaped leather suite in my Spanish villa as 2 seats were quite worn and the other 5/6 in good order - though somewhat discoloured due to sun cream etc
ii) I cleaned the suite with acetate/ disolvente
iii) I filled leather cracks with a leather filler/ rubber compound
iv) I re-sprayed the suite several times - over several days - with several fine layers letting each one dry thoroughly
v) total cost about £100 - result a virtually brand new looking leather suite that will hopefully last me at least another 4 years
vi) saved me a whole lot of grief looking for another suite of right size and colour - and saved me at least 4,000 Euros
vii) as this has worked so well, I have taken the precaution of buying some spare tins of white vinyl die to touch up any minor future problems or discolouring

Overall - pretty impressed/ delighted with the result/ durability/ and flexibility.  Just like a new finish on the leather.

Tony, DMPrint Ltd, Keighley TRG White Vinyl Dye Plastic Paint Aerosol 400ml

I bought the dye for using on small patches of tarpaulin which were used as reinforcement around eyelets on a sheet of canvas. The idea was to dye it from white to the same colour as the canvas.
The colour match wasn't too far off, however, the thing I was bothered about the most was that I didn't want the coating to crack which it didn't. 
Overall I'm very happy with the product and would definitely use it again. I have already recommended to others. 

Will, Hull, Bone (Like Cream) Brillo Aerosol 150ml Vinyl Dye Plastic Paint

...yes I did purchase a vinyl dye , I needed to colour code my backrest vinyl, and rear carriers leather on my 60's Lambretta. The vinyl backrest came out fine...

Paul, TRG Saddle Tan Vinyl Dye Plastic Paint Aerosol 150ml

Used 4 cans of spray on the 3 front seats of my camper van, a great success, covered the brown with green to match the green van, first class product covered very well and dried without any gaps or thin bits.
A great discount when buying more and a very good service on line.

Steve, Reading, TRG Green Vinyl Dye Plastic Paint Aerosol 150ml

yes I purchased the spray to paint/colour some classic sun visors on my 1964 Triumph TR4 as they are no longer available to buy new and the only option was to paint as the ones I had looked tired and dirty. 
Yes it worked very well and I was pleased with the results and would recommend to others.

Mark, Northampton, TRG White Vinyl Dye Plastic Paint Aerosol 400ml

No problems, treated scuffs on MG seats now can’t see scuffs so all fine

Robert, Dorset, TRG Black Vinyl Dye Plastic Paint Aerosol 150ml

"Was it a success?" Yes !!  I sprayed my motorcycle topbox which was grey plastic and a bit tatty looking.  The dye worked a treat and it is now a very nice looking black.

Paul, Devon, Black Brillo Aerosol 400ml Vinyl Dye Plastic Paint

"Was it a success?" Yes, good stuff - works fine.

Richard, Perth, TRG Light Grey Vinyl Dye Plastic Paint Aerosol 150ml

Hi my resprayed door cards and armrest look great. The colour was as seen on your site. Easy to use, just follow the instructions easy. Great finish would, and will recommend.

Marc, Buckinghamshire, TRG Maroon (Cerise) Vinyl Dye Plastic Paint Aerosol 150ml

Hi  After trying to find some cream shoes for my daughters wedding I ordered a pair ,but when they arrived they were more of a stone colour  which didn't match my jacket , so I thought I would try your spray dye it was a lovely colour and went on very well but you need to follow the instructions,looking forward to wearing them this Friday.

Jane, Cambridge, Vanilla (Like Cream) Brillo Aerosol 150ml Vinyl Dye Plastic Paint

Very happy to send you the story behind my VinylDye purchase as it was a great success (almost a surprising success!). I recently bought a scruffy-looking dirt bike. It was badly painted, multi-coloured and in need of some TLC. It's a Japanese import so parts are not easy to come by. 
I dismantled it and repainted the frame and the panels.
When I put it back together I realised it was just how I'd hoped – except for the seat!
I couldn't find a black seat anywhere on the internet. I was thinking about getting it re-covered but that was quite expensive and would take a while. Then I found your website, received the can of dye the day after I purchased it, followed the instructions and less than 24 hours later, my seat was transformed!
I am really pleased with your product. It completely covered the pink of the seat fabric, it dried very smoothly, the finish is excellent and it doesn't rub off or stain clothes!

Rob, Reading, Black Brillo Aerosol 400ml Vinyl Dye Plastic Paint

Fantastic it was a nasty brown chair before and after I sprayed the arms and recovered the seat it looks better than new! 
Very happy with the product I bought form you
Yes , your vinyl dye did work fine
Basically,  one coat onto a very old golf buggy Polycarbonate body ; covered in mildew(within the existing finish)
Have already recommended to several friends .
Most people believe their buggy is made of fibreglass . . . .but most are Polycarbonate .
Many thanks for your product . . .will need more soon . . .

Mike, Vale of Glamorgan, Bone (Like Cream) Brillo Aerosol 150ml Vinyl Dye Plastic Paint and High Gloss Clear - 'topper' TRG Aerosol 400ml