Press and Magazines

We've been featured in various press and magazine articles in the past. Here are a selection and by no means all of them.

Volkswagen Camper & Commercial Monthly (VWCC)

July 2020 Issue - How to renew a roof lining of a camper van. Unfortunately back issues do not go beyone one year, but current publications of the magazine can be found here.

Rob Hawkins transforms an old VW Camper and makes the roof lining look like new with White Vinyl Dye

The 996 Owners Club

Adventures in Leather, Page 47 - View the 996 Owners Club Magazine online here

Lee Stoddart renews and refreshes the interior of his 2003 C2 Gen2 Porsche 996, including plastics, door cards and leather seating using Navy Vinyl Dye

RetroFord - Classic Fords Modified

October 2020 Issue - How to paint wheel trims. Unfortunatly the exact back issue is no longer available, but more recent copies of the magazine can be found here. However, I do have a copy of the article, if you'd like it please just contact us and ask.

Complete step by step guide on how to repair and transform plastic wheel trims toa beautiful finish with White Vinyl Dye