FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Will Vinyl Dye Work On My…..(Plastic, Leather, Vinyl Item/Product)?

Almost certainly. Vinyl dye will work on almost all leather, vinyl or plastic. Because there are 1000’s of types of these products, nobody can say 100% it will work, but we have many, many happy customers, and we actively encourage our customers to report back with both problems and successes.

The Item I Want To Re-Colour Is Outside In Direct Sunlight, Is That OK?

While the manufactures of all our dyes assure us this is perfectly OK, we have through our customers experienced many hundreds of projects, and would recommend the Magix/Grison brand for items that will be heated or in direct sunlight over the Brillo brand.

Will Vinyl Dye Work On Metal or Wooden Items?

No, only materials that can be ‘melted’ by the dye, such as plastic, textiles, vinyl and leather, including faux (fake) leather.

How Does Vinyl Dye work?

Vinyl Dye actually bonds and melts on a microscopic level with the material, you can’t see this with your naked eyes! So it must be plastic, leather, vinyl or some plastic derivative (many carpets), or some other porous material, such as wool or cotton. This allows the colour to merge with the item, so doesn't come off when the item is flexed somewhat. 

Do I have to Prepare the Surface?

You must make sure the surface is clean and free from grease; we highly recommend Cilit Bang as this destroys & lifts off grease.

If the material has a ‘sheen’ on it, or some other thin layer of ‘other’ material on top, for example many TVs are sold as Piano Black, these have a sheen on top of the plastic, this must be removed. Simply wear this down with ‘wet and dry’ or some other abrasive / sand paper.

How Do I Apply / Use It?

Simply spray very fine coats of the colour onto the item after masking off areas you don’t want re-colouring. The coats should be so fine that your first coat only produces speckles, continue building up the speckles to completely cover the area with colour, this usually takes 3-4 coats. It is recommended that you spot test an inconspicuous area first, allow that to dry completely to a final finish.

How Long Does It Take To Dry?

A single very fine coat takes about 10 – 15 minutes to dry in a well-ventilated area, so you can get a few coats done in less than an hour. Then allow 5 hours for it to fully cure.

How Much Will 1 Can Cover?

A single 150ml will cover about 1 to 1.5 square meters with 3 fine coats.

Do I Wash It Off Like a Clothing Dye

No, once the layers of colour are applied, they are fixed, unlike clothing dye.

Could You Send Me A Colour Chart?

Sorry no. We don't issue colour charts since even a colour chart won’t provide you with a 100% accurate representation of the finished spray, just like when painting a wall in your house, you need to try a sample and actually apply it. In addition, the savings from not issuing charts is passed directly on to you, our customers.

What Is Your Returns Policy?

We are happy to accept returns within 30 days of you receiving the order. Please post the items back with your name, address & invoice/order number. The items must not be used in any way and must be in their original condition. We will refund you the full amount, less the actual cost of postage, or the amount you paid for postage, whichever is greater.

So Can I Order More Than I Need And Return What I Don’t Use?

Yes. We suggest for time sensitive projects to order more than enough, and simply return what they don’t use, this way you can complete your project without having to wait for additional orders.