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TRG Universal Cleaner 125ml

TRG Universal Cleaner 125ml

Why Use TRG Universal Cleaner?

This ensures the BEST POSSIBLE application of Vinyl Dye or Leather Balms. It destroys grease, which prevents our dyes from penetrating the material, so should be used whenever possible prior to application.

When To Use TRG Universal Cleaner?

TRG Universal Cleaner can be used prior to application of Vinyl Dye or TRG Leather Restorer recolouring balm. Simply shake the bottle and apply the product to heavily stained parts. We recommend the product, like all our products we advise first testing on the leather an inconspicuous area of the item.

Can be used on non-leather items and ensures the best possible application of Vinyl Dye and Leather Balms.

What does TRG Universal Cleaner Do?

When Using Vinyl Dye Sprays

It's better than other cleaners because it evaporates after use, this means no residue is left behind, so you know the dye will be contacting the product, not the left over residue of your cleaner. In fact, for vinyl and other heavily stained items, we suggest you use a standard cleaner such as Cilit Bang, Flash, even Fairy Liquid first (with the green part of a scouring sponge pad), let it dye, then use this cleaner to remove the residue and any left behind grease. Using this TRG Universal Cleaner prior to TRG Vinyl Dye Sprays and Brillo Vinyl Dye Sprays is 100% recommended, and 100% compatible with both brands.

When Using Leather Restoring Balms

This leather cleaner is especially formulated to be used prior to TRG Leather Restorer as it not only cleans, but opens the pores of the leather, allowing it to accept the colour and feeder. As such, when using prior the the restorer, you should apply to the entire item, not just stained areas. We do recommend the entire item is cleaned prior to use of any of our products, as grease will prevent the proper bonding process.

Can I Use TRG Universal Cleaner On Anything Else?

Yes, in fact it's very versatile. One of our customers made a special mention that it worked great on his classic Escort metallic paint work to remove grease without any damage at all to the paint.

What Products is TRG Universal Cleaner Compatible With?

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