Fast and Free way to Remove Greasy Spills On Leather

If you’ve dropped some greasy food onto your pigmented leather (what most leather sofas and car seats are), then you’ll want to take the right steps to prevent long term ‘stains’ that will appear as dark patches at some point in the future.

  1. Act quickly
  2. Find a microfibre cloth or another lint free highly absorbent material (not polyester! Not your clothes unless they are wool!)
  3. Lay the cloth down on the grease and without rubbing attempt to absorb as much surface grease as possible
  4. Once all surface grease is absorbed into your cloth, you’ll be left with the grease that has now ‘melted’ and absorbed into the leather.
If you need to rub at all, rub from outside the stain into the middle. This way you’re not spreading the grease to unaffected areas and will always shrink the impacted area.
  1. To draw out the grease from the leather add Talcum Power over the grease
  2. Dab the talcum power up
  3. Repeat until you’re not getting any more grease on the Talcum Powder or your cloth

Still Got a Greasy Mark There?

If you still have a visible mark where the grease is you’ll need some professional leather cleaner with surfactants to draw out and destroy the grease, without damaging the leather.

Use our TRG Universal Cleaner and a high quality microfibre cloth and you’ll get good improvement.

  1. Add Universal Cleaner to your leather directly
  2. Wipe off with high quality cloth
  3. Repeat this 4-8 times to remove as much grease as possible.

After this, leave it some time, a day or so. If you’re still not happy with the result, you’ll need to draw the grease out further.

Using a hairdryer warm up the leather gently, then apply the Universal Cleaner the same way as before another 4 or more times.

Some Colour Removed, Lighter Than Before?

If you’ve removed some colour along with the grease, that’s ok, we can just put it back again. Next week’s lesson is all about that.

How To Remove Pen Ink From a Leather Sofa?

  1. Don’t rush to do anything; The ink is just a dye, like what’s in leather already. So it’s only cosmetic, unlike grease which is absorbing further into the leather and dulling it over time.
  2. Remove excess ink if it was a strong pen, such as a sharpie or felt tip by dabbing with a microfiber cloth.
  3. Leave it for a day or even a week now, remember it’s only cosmetic and this dye may just migrate elsewhere in this time without a problem.

If the dye remains and you’re not happy with it, then now you’ll need to draw the dye out.

Now and only as a last resort should you use rubbing alcohol

  1. Dip an earbud into rubbing alcohol
  2. Gently wipe the alcohol onto only the inked part of the sofa only.
  3. The alcohol will destroy the ink and the dye in the sofa itself.
  4. Now replace the dye in the sofa with one of our Leather Rejuvenation Kits.

More on the rejuvenation part next week.  

Lesson Summary

  1. Lesson 1 - Cleaning Leather - Fast Free Way To Clean Leather
  2. Lesson 2 - What is Leather and All About Leather Protection And Cleaners
  3. Lesson 3 - Fast and Free way to Remove Greasy Spills On Leather