Vinyl Car Roof Interior Refurbishment

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You managed to get hold of the classic car you've been eyeing for over a year, the bodywork is mint, the engine only needs a little work. You've analysed the photos, it's perfect.


The car finally arrives, and......


Bam... you get inside the best car you've ever owned and the roof lining is a total write off. 


Come to think of it, it wasn't in any of the photos. This is a huge problem for all classic car enthusiasts;


One, you're never going to get hold of a replacement, it's not like there are another 100 of these laying around, and even if there were, they are the wrong colour.


Vinyl Dye Sprays can and have made interior roof linings looks brand new for 100's of our customers.


Here is a great example of how many of our customers use our sprays. 

You can see the before colour had faded over the years, with marks and scuffs clear. After some careful masking and only two 150ml tins of Vinyl Dye, it looks brand new.

Take a looks at what our customer started with. He masked the areas and went for it. You can clearly see this vinyl roof interror is clearly in need of refurbishment.Part way through the refurbishment and you can see the difference, towards the bottom of the image is the fresh new looking interior roof, and you can see the older part yet to be sprayed towards the top of the image.

Our Vinyl Dye Sprays have also helped 100's of customers with their sun visors. Completely renew your sunvisors in exactly the same colour for the perfect, factory finished matching look.

Don't worry if the materials are different, our Vinyl Dys Sprays work on 1000's of materials *.

The Image below shows the complete car roof interior refurbishment. It looks like new.

Take a look at the full Brillo Range of Vinyl Dyes


This project used 2 x 150ml Vinyl Dye Sprays. You can choose any of our Vinyl Dyes to do exactly the same, both Brillow and TRG brands.


* you should always spot test each material to completion to ensure you're 100% happy with the result prior to completing a full project.

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Julie brown:
02/02/2021, 08:31:43 PM

We have a Mk2 fiesta which has a rubbish headliner. Will the speakable due work on this - the headliner is one which has holes in itMany thanks Julie

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