#1 Way to Recolour Your Bumpers Back To Black That Almost Nobody Knows About

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#1 Way to Recolour Your Bumpers Back To Black That Almost Nobody Knows About

You’ve tried to recolour your bumpers before, you’ve used products that say ‘back to black’ with great enthusiasm only to be left disappointed after it rains, or you’ve even gone so far as to try and paint them with disastrous results.

Not only have you wasted your time, money and effort, you’ve put your prize possession at risk. You’re hopes of increasing the value of your vehicle, impressing friends and relatives and improving your resale value have been smashed.

The true solution to this is something that would last for years and actually put the colour back ‘inside’ the plastics of bumpers.

Putting the Colour Back INSIDE the Plastic Bumpers is the Only True Solution

There are specialist chemicals that can do this, but they are usually reserved for the elite body shops and boatyards and such, not your everyday product that anybody can pick up, and certainly not at affordable rates.

You could pay a bodyshop, who's hiring professional equipment, professional people, spray tents, garages and more. You want a professional finish but without the professional price tag!

This is why we here at VinylDye.co.uk got involved, for over 10 years now we’ve been promoting the use of a special combination of chemicals known as Vinyl Dye. After many tremendously successful experiments, we pushed on importing this amazing product from far and wide.

In fact since starting VinylDye.co.uk we’ve been in touch with professional chemists, doctorates in colour (yes a real thing!) and litralary 10,000’s of customers later we know everything about what we do, and what we sell.

You need a Vinyl Dye Spray that will re-colour your bumpers and actually seep into the plastic at a microscopic level so that it won’t crack, won’t rub off and you can still see the details and ‘grain’ of the plastic (known in the industry as reliefs).

It Won't Crack, Rub Off and Still Retains all the Details

Right now your bumpers look like a washed out old wrech, totally destroying the aspect of the whole vehicle and generally annoying you every time you walk towards your vehicle, I know, I’ve been there!


We supply the best Vinyl Dye in the world, we’ve tested every one of our products personally and then tested them with a select few lucky customers who get the first, and now you can access this product, and the amazing like new transformation it produces.

Amazing like new transformation is possible

In just a few short hours, you could have like new, factory finish bumpers. But don’t take my word for it, why not take a look at some of the below images and comments.

What Our Past Customers Say About Us

What You Get With this Fast Action Limited Time Special Offer

  1. Fantastic, like new finish in pure, deep black.
  2. Doesn't Wash Off In the Rain or Even a Power Washer
  3. UV Resistant so lasts for years
  4. Doesn't Crack 
  5. Doesn't Scratch off
  6. You can still see the ‘grain’ or ‘texture’ of the bumper plastic
  7. Recommended by 1000’s of past test customers
  8. Full, comprehensive follow up instructions that a 12 year old could follow no problem.
  9. Check Sheet including Top 5 Mistakes and What To Do To Avoid Them virtually guaranteeing a perfect job
  10. 1 400ml Can is plenty for one bumper with a little spare 
  11. 2 400ml Cans is plenty for both bumpers and mirrors etc.

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