Wardrobe Supplies & Design

Vinyl Dye is Ideal for all Wardrobe Departments due mainly to its versatility.

The same can of spray can produce professional results on a multitude of materials

  • Vinyl
  • Plastic
  • Leather
  • Many Materials and Cloths (although this does change the texture slightly, it does look great!)
  • Flooring
  • Carpets
  • Wood - While we don't recommend it for long term projects over 3-6 months, it's great for just getting it done the right colour that matches the plastics the dye works so well on
  • Cardboard - yes it works great on cardboard, to the point of making it waterproof too, ideal for the shower scenes.

Remember, when Vinyl Dye is applied all the underlying reliefs are still perfectly visible, great for the close up shots.

Past Wardrobe Department Uses of our Vinyl Dye Sprays

  1. Red Beach Ball - You just can't buy a red inflatable ball, but you can buy a multi-coloured one and spray it red. When a certain retailer must have it the branded colour!
  2. Ageing Clothes - A scene where the clothes are not supposed to be brand new, a few contrasting sprays of Vinyl Dye ensures it sticks perfectly and doesn't cover any of the original detail and looks perfect in every scene
  3. Props - Vinyl Dye is really the only choice if you have a multitude of materials and you need them to be the same colour, because it's so versatile.