Painting Computer Mods

There are two components to game play and computer use: software and hardware. For gamers, computer modding is often a term used for a very popular complicated coding process that modifies a game to create a different style of game play. Computer mods also often refers to the process of turning a tired looking hardware component into a work of art when you paint computers with a special paint intended for plastic or vinyl.

Computer mods use something that already exists and adds your own flare of style. Gamers and software modders know the term to mean changing the code to change the game play, but while you're modifying the code, why not first give your old computer or console a new look with special paint for computers! Personalize and change the look of your computer or gaming console to reflect your personality, your gaming character preferences, or merely to look good with your décor.

Maybe you're tired of looking at the same old case day after day that looks like every other case sold. Maybe you want to personalize it to reflect your favorite game or character in a game. Maybe you like the retro feel and want to revamp an old computer or gaming system, or recreate your own retro look with a new computer build. Painting your computer or console is an easy way to tranform your PC into something new that you will enjoy looking at with the satisfaction of knowing you created the new look.


Painting Computer mods Sleek New Look photo SMOY9153_zpsi0bimock.jpg

When you paint computers, you don't want to use just any can of paint unless you don't mind watching it peel right off almost immediately upon application or yellowing, melting, and cracking over time. It requires a special paint that is designed to last and stick to the plastic and metals that make up computer and gaming console cases. Vinyl Dye is the only online seller of the kind of paint that is made to stick to leather, vinyl and plastic. Create simple designs to complex images using the multiple array of colours available for computer mods.

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Select the colors that fit your style and desired effects. One satisfied customer's computer mod was successfully transformed into a retro look of a Commodore 64 or Amiga A1200 using several layers of white vinyl dye spray paint. The end result looks as if it came fresh from the factory with a skin meant for this model. The paint covers so well that you can go from black to white or cover a rich red to white without notice of the previous colour.

Painting Computer mods White Commodore Retro Mod Look photo PBNI6796_zpsmaedfu4p.jpg

Painting Computer mods Vintage Black Yellow to White Retro Mod photo IHAD1688_zpswrfytaja.jpg

Painting Computer mods Finished After Look Commodore Amiga photo FGSG3894_zps8ltjcvlr.jpg Painting Computer mods Commodore Amiga Components photo RAFB2543_zpsc2z8ep1x.jpg Painting Computer mods covers yellowing photo XYEH9796_zpsdtdnqeew.jpg  Painting Computer mods White Black Keyboard photo SUQG5835_zpsq3hhulqe.jpg Painting Computer mods White photo EQZZ5446_zpskf9yadzv.jpg Painting Computer mods Keyboard Mouse Components photo XWBP2790_zpsfi2hzxe6.jpg

Prepare for painting by taking apart only the pieces that will be painted and finding a spot to spray with cardboard or wood underneath. You will definitely want to paint the case, but to do the job well, you will also want to disassemble some of the inside parts to change the colour of the inside plastic parts cases to match the new colour of the outside without damaging the delicate electronics.

Painting Computer mods Red photo CPER1696_zpsqspfadqy.jpg Painting Computer mods Spray Painting Computer Parts photo IGXA4347_zpsynfvjvbt.jpg Painting Computer mods White Graphics Card Case photo ULVK4854_zps97pnduaj.jpg Painting Computer mods Red Graphics Card Case photo RTLL8238_zpsye3vsvdn.jpg Painting Computer mods Red Graphics Card Mod photo JMUC2390_zpsuewm88ii.jpg Painting Computer mods White Graphics Card Case photo RUQM0047_zpsntcvgufq.jpg Painting Computer mods Graphics Card photo VOKO2502_zpslqsjte5y.jpg Painting Computer mods Gaming Console Cases photo JRUW6206_zpshew6jfpb.jpg

Online, Vinyl Dye sells the special paint that works perfectly for computers and game consoles. Paint computers and create amazingly looking computer mods using this special vinyl dye paint.


Painting Computer mods Sleek New Look photo SMOY9153_zpsi0bimock.jpg